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Classification of D2000 system objects

According to time of occurrence and existence, objects of D2000 system are divided into static and dynamic ones.

  • Static objects - they occur as a result of the system configuration - D2000 Server gets their definition, initial values and states from the configuration database
  • Dynamic objects - they are started and finished during the system run as the result of interaction with other D2000 system objects

Objects of D2000 system can be also divided into passive and active objects.

  • Passive objects - the system does not assign the values to these objects (graphs, text fonts, etc.)
  • Active objects - the system assigns values to these objects (values types of D2000 system objects). The process that assigns values to active objects is the administrator of particular object type

The following table shows the classification of D2000 system objects. Used shortcuts: S-static, D-dynamic, A-active, P-passive object.

* Bitmaps (*.BMP) can be created in any application used to create a raster graphic. The processes D2000 GrEditor and D2000 HI allow the user to work with objects of Bitmap and Background bitmap types in D2000 system.

** Objects of Topological link and Topological node type are part of the configuration of Topology object. Therefore, they can be configured during the configuration of respective object of Topology type.

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