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The process D2000 Server is the administrator of objects of Process type. The object contains information about client processes of D2000 system:

  • status of processes - object value
  • optional parameter for starting (restarting) processes

Name of an object of Process type consists of two parts:


  • workstation - workstation name.
  • suffix - three-character string determining the process type:

Static objects of Process type are created using the process D2000 CNF. Their parameters are stored in the configuration database. Dynamic object of Process type is created by starting the process while the process D2000 Server is running. New process connects to D2000 Server and sends parameters necessary for creating a new object. In this case D2000 Server does not know start parameters of this new process and cannot restart it. That is how processes from other computers in a network can connect to D2000 Server.

The processes D2000 VBApi, D2000 WorkBook, D2000 Thin Client, D2000 System Console, D2000 ODBC Driver and process interpreting the script of active picture are so-called multiname dynamic client processes from the DODM point of view.

Multiname means that the name is derived from the computer name which the processes have been started on. As the processes can be started multiply on the computer the each instance name of process differs in unique integer identifier.

The name structure is following:

WsName-network computer name
PPP-suffix given by the process type

Dynamic means that the processes are not saved automatically into configuration database.

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