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Value arrays

Value arrays are the objects that allow to access directly to historical data from the environment of calculation client processes (D2000 Calc, D2000 EventHandler, ...) and to display them for example directly in pictures.

Value arrays are one-dimensional arrays of historical data. Values of array items are assigned by the process D2000 Archiv on the basis of the value array definition. The source of values is data from the archive object assigned from the archive. Value selection from the archive is defined by the value of the time trigger and time step. Time trigger defines the time of the first or last item of the array. Value of the time trigger and time step may be defined statically (configuration) or dynamically - value of any object of D2000 system.

Value type of the array items is given by the value type of the archived object. If no corresponding value for the array items is stored in the archive, the value of the items is invalid.

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