The process D2000 Server comprises the D2000 system kernel. All activities of D2000 system are synchronized by kernel functions. After running the D2000 system, D2000 Server creates a hierarchy of static objects and initiates the basic objects, which provides for individual system activities - processes, into the memory. D2000 Server is a basic process of a dispatcher system, that provides for the following functions:

  • system objects' management - creating, updating states and values, keeping relationships among objects,
  • running and stopping D2000 system processes,
  • providing with information on objects for other processes,
  • communication among processes,
  • working with databases and files, which contains configuration and parameters of the system,
  • logging the system run and monitoring significant operator's interventions into the system,
  • calculating values of system tags,
  • setting values of calendars and time channels,
  • log database and configuration database backups.
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