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Status texts

One of the basic object attributes of D2000 system is object value  - Value. Individual object values have predefined the labels in D2000 System by means of so-called system texts, that can be arbitrarily modified. If a status text is assigned to the object of D2000 system, this status text overloads system texts, i.e. values of this object will have labelling according to the status text and not according to the system ones.

The status text is the object of D2000 System, that provides mechanism to predefine values labelling of objects of the following types:

  • Bo - Boolean
  • Di - Logical input
  • Dout - Logical output
  • Int - Integer
  • Ci - Integer input
  • Co - Integer output
  • Ce - Integer - valid only for Eval tags (instead of Int type)
  • QI - Quaternary input

Status text configuration is a definition of labels for individual object values. Each object of Status text type allows to redefine up to 999 labels of object values.

* Displaying values of the types Integer, Real, Absolute time a Time interval can be controlled by using Transformation palette.

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