Since the version D2000 v6.00.012, objects of Diagram and Trend types are substituted by objects of Graph type. This system object meets all the features of those objects.

Graphs are D2000 system objects allowing to display the time flow of values of a historical value from logged process, or the progress of values of logged parameters in time in form of graphic flows. Each graph is able to simultaneously display flows of up to 99 objects. Values that are drawn in the graph window, are taken either from the archive of historical values according to the graph configuration, or they are drawn continuously, when the system gets them from other processes.

After opening a graph window on the desktop, the process D2000 HI loads data according to the graph configuration and draw them into the window. If an object defined in the graph configuration uses values from the archive, then displayed graphic flow will be static in the sense of historical values, i.e. the values, stored in the archive after opening the graph, will not be drawn in this graphic flow. If given graph contains object, which get new values, their graphic flows are to be drawn continuously as soon as the system gets them from other processes.

If you want to display a graphic flow for other time interval, you must define this new time interval.

Several windows of the same graph can be opened on HI desktop. This feature allows to compare values of displayed archive parameters in different time intervals.

Graphs are used to:

  • display a flow of measured values in relation to time axis,
  • compare flows from several I/O Tags,
  • read measured values from the graph window,
  • real-time monitoring of the progress of selected values

To work with graphs select the Graphs from the Open menu - see the topic Open a graph.

Select the Graphs item from the Configuration menu to configure the graph settings - see the topic Configuration of graphs.

Note: Graph may be a component of a picture. To insert it into a picture use a displayer of Graph type in the process D2000 GrEditor.

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