Picture is a basic tool to display the values of parameters logged and evaluated through other processes of D2000 dispatcher and logging system.

Features and functions of pictures

Parameter values of logged process are obtained and evaluated in real time via other D/2000 System processes (D2000 KOM, D2000 Calc, D2000 EventHandler, etc.). The changes of these values are immediately transferred to the process D2000 HI and then to the pictures opened on the HI process desktop. The pictures show not only the current status of logged process but also allows to change their settings and open other pictures or graphic information windows (graphs).

The picture represents a graphic pattern that illustrates the logged process or technology. It consists of the graphic objects (lines, circles, ellipses, arcs, polygons, texts, bitmaps, etc.), where some of graphic objects are linked to parameter values of logged process or technology. The graphic objects linked to objects of D2000 System show the states, values and attributes of these objects (the connection to view), or allow to control values of output objects (the connection to control).
The picture provides the following features and functions to display the object values of D2000 System:

  • displaying current (measured, calculated) values of system objects in a numeric form,
  • displaying states of D2000 System objects by change of drawing graphic objects,
  • displaying states of D2000 System objects by means of filling graphic objects (normal, not drawn, blinking, switching graphic objects),
  • displaying states and values of D2000 System objects by means of filling graphic object (for example water tank level represented by a rectangle with the variable height),
  • controlling states, values and attributes of the D2000 System objects (functions of value and state changes, required value entry, etc.) – these functions represent user’s interventions into the system,
  • opening further pictures and information windows (graphs) – graphic object linked to graphic information window control,
  • displaying the pictures in several languages which are defined in dictionary. Setting a particular language in console causes a translation of all pictures after logging off the user. If language is not set, the language of logged off user is held.

This part of the documentation provides basic information on work with pictures in the process D2000 GrEditor.

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