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The interface D2000 ObjAPI implements an access to D2000 System. Using the interface D2000 ObjAPI, it is possible to create a client process of D2000 System.

The interface D2000 ObjAPI comprises of the module OBJAPI.DLL and the header files OBJAPI.H and STRUCT.H. OBJAPI.DLL (placed in the subdirectory \Bin of the installation directory for 32-bit version and in the subdirectory \Bin64 for 64-bit version) is a dynamically linked library with the Stdcall call convention. The header file OBJAPI.H declares prototypes of ObjAPI functions and the header file STRUCT.H declares used data structures (the files are located in directory D2000_EXE\utils\objapi in installation directory of D2000 System). The header files are available in the version for the language C/C++ (verified and tested in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010).

The interface D2000 ObjAPI, on one hand, implements communication with the kernel of D2000 System and on the other hand exports a set of functions needed when designing a client process.

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