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Processes - configuration dialog box

Editing of all objects in the process D2000 CNF is being performed in the configuration dialog box, a specific part of which is common for all editable objects and another part depends on the type of edited object.

Configuration dialog box of processes consists of following parts (tabs), which contains similar parameters.

General properties

General properties


A text string describing process. Maximum: 128 characters.
Possibility to use the Dictionary (to open click CTRL+L).

Value type

Selection of an object value type. There is only one value type for processes - Pr-Process.



Text string. Maximum: 200 characters.


Path to "exe" file of process. If process is located in the installation directory, you needn't enter the path. If is not located there, you have to enter the path.


Work directory of process after its start.


Start parameters of processes. The list of parameters is opened after clicking the button Parameters placed bellow the entry field.

Start priority

Setting of the start priority of process is important, when D2000 Server automatically runs several process. Processes are to be started in the order: at first process with the highest priority, at last process with the lowest priority (higher number - higher priority).

Initialization time

Initialization time of process given in seconds. Process D2000 Server starts another process after expiration of this time.


Automatic process launch. If the option Autostart is checked, D2000 Server runs automatically this process during the system start. If process is terminated incorrectly (for example a crash), D2000 Server will restart it.

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