D2000 Thin Client

D2000 Thin Client is the set of tools to create and ensure the running of applications. It uses an internet browser as user interface.

A user part of the application consists of one or more modules. They are downloaded from the server as necessary. The modules can have an event handler of graphic objects on the server.

To start the application, enter the internet address into some internet browser. After loading a home page, the script is started. It simulates permanent connection with server. This makes it possible to display information emerging and changing in real time, which come from the server asynchronously.

Basic terms and abbreviations

AM - Active module Part of application containing a group of graphic objects together with their arrangement and event handler which may be defined on the server. When the active module is applied with D2000 System it is identical with graphic picture.
Java SE Java Standard Edition
JRE Java runtime environment (Oracle or OpenJDK)
TCTS - Thin Client Terminal Server Service that ensures the connection between WTC and D2000 application.
WTC - Web Thin Client Part of Thin Client running in the servlet container (Tomcat).
WAS - Web Access Server It connects the client and server part of D2000 Thin Client.
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