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The process D2000 System Console is one of the D2000 client processes. The process provides the interaction of human (system operator) with D2000 system.

The D2000 System Console process allows you to:

  • view relations among servers and redundant groups,
  • show and control the states of servers within redundant group,
  • show the text output of servers and processes,
  • view messages among server and processes,
  • send Tell commands to servers and processes.

Note: If user wants to browse a text output from D2000 process in D2000 System Console, there must exist TCP connectivity from the workstation with running D2000 process to the workstation with running D2000 System Console. The reason for this is that D2000 System Console opens TCP port (not fixed but allocated by OS), which D2000 process is connected to. Then, D2000 process sends its text output through this TCP connection. It means that if D2000 System Console is on different network than D2000 process and there is a firewall between them, the firewall must contain this rule (in symbolic format) PERMIT TCP HOST <IP_address_of_server_with_process> HOST <IP_addres_of_workstation_with_Sysconsole>.

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