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L&G Toccata protocol

Supported device types and versions
Communication line configuration
Communication station configuration
I/O tag configuration
Changes and modifications
Document revisions

Supported device types and versions

This protocol supports the following Landis&Gyr devices:

Table 1

Device type Version of software in device Protocol version
PRU1.64, RWP80   TOCCATA1 V.0
PRU1.64, RWP80   TOCCATA1 V.1
PRU10.64, PRV2.128   TOCCATA2 V.0
RWP80  AZA v. 07.10 TOCCATA1 V.2

Communication line configuration

  • Baud rate and transmission parameters according to a type of communication.
  • 2400 Bd, 8 dat. bits, no parity, 1 stop bit in direct connection point-point (TOCCATA1 V.0 and V1).
  • 9600 Bd, 8 dat. bits, no parity, 1 stop bit in direct connectionpoint-point (TOCCATA2 V.0).
  • If devices communicates via the communication concentrators (KPX, radio modems), the transmission parameters are defined in accordance with the particular case.

Communication station configuration

  • Communication protocol: L&G TOCCATA
  • Station address is in the range of 0 up to 255 in decimal format. It is used only when communicating via the communication concentrators. In case of direct communication, the address is ignored.

Station protocol parameters

You can define the following parameters:

Table 2

Key word Full name Meaning Unit Implicit value
RC Retry Count Number of repeat calls if the communication error occurs. - 1
RT Retry Timeout Delay between repeating the call if the communication error occurs. ms 1000 millisec.
WFT Wait First Timeout First delay of response reading after the call is sent. ms 300 millisec.
WT Wait Timeout Delay between reading the response until it is completed. ms 300 millisec.
MWR Max Wait Retry Number of retry response reading until it is completed. - 12
WBR Wait Before Request Delay that is used before each request. ms 0
KPX KPX Route The communication via the communication concentrator. The station address is used. YES/NO NO
MPI Maximum PA Items Maximum number of PA data in one data blocks. You must always define an even number. If communicating via concentrator, maximum number is 10, otherwise it is 24. - 10
LE Log Events It allows to save the text messages to TRACE.LOG from device. This file is in current working directory of communication process. YES/NO NO
KLRD KL Read Delay Time period to obtain the values of KL data. KL data are read when starting the communication process and again after elapsing of KLRD period. min 30 minutes
SACK Send ACK Sending ACK message (DLE-ACK) after D2000 KOM receives the proper packet. A direct connection requires to set YES. Connection via concentrator (KPX=YES) requires to set NO (speeding up of communication). YES/NO YES
SENAC Send Enhanced ACK Sending enhanced ACK message with station address (DLE-ACK-CR-LF-StationAddress-CR-LF) after D2000 KOM receives the proper packet. YES/NO NO
PRUV PRU Version TOCCATA protocol:
  • value 0 : TOCCATA1 V.0
  • value 1 : TOCCATA1 V.1
  • value 2 : TOCCATA2 V.0
  • value 3 TOCCATA1 V.2
0, 1, 2, 3 0
PAF PA First At starting the communication, it gives priority to reading the PA instead KL parameters. KL parameters will be read after PA ones are received from all stations. YES/NO NO
FD Full Debug Activation of debug information about received values. YES/NO NO

String containing the protocol parameters is defined as follows:

Key_word=value;Key_word=value; ...



If there is used a keyword with an invalid value in the initialization string, there will be used corresponding default value according the table 1.

I/O tag configuration

I/O tags: AI, AO, CI, CO, DI, DO, TIR, TOR, TIA, TOA.

In configuration you must define the following options:

  • point type PA or KL
  • address (for KL it is a physical address in device)
  • size of data block of given point (for PA it is always 0)



Changes and modifications

  • March 1999 - Completing the protocol TOCCATA2 V.0.
  • April 1999 - Debugging the TOCCATA2 V.0.
  • April 2002 - Added the version TOCCATA1 V.2.
  • May 7, 2002 - change of behavior of KL points, size 2 bytes, types TiR and ToR - canceled the internal multiplication of received value *60, it is supposed that the input value is in seconds.

Document revisions

  • Ver. 1.2 – February 8, 2000 – Update for version 4.07 and 4.10
  • Ver. 1.3 – May 22, 2000 – Added parameter of protocol WFT.
  • Ver. 1.4 – July 21, 2000 – Added parameter of protocol SACK.
  • Ver. 1.5 - November 26, 2001 - Added parameter of protocol PAF.
  • Ver. 1.6 - April 5, 2002 - Added version TOCCATA1 V.2.
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