Communication with I/O devices

The reliability and quality of data transfer into the D2000 system is one of the most important functional features. We pay great attention to support communication protocols and standards. We take heed to maximum reliability and debugging of data transfers by means of communication tests in an industrial application environment.

Data acquisition from I/O devices of technological processes into the D2000 system is provided via the communication process D2000 KOM.

The communication process supports the following standards and protocols:

  • Serial asynchronous data transfer
    • via physical media according to the standards RS232, RS485, RS422, TTY, M-Bus, wireless transfers, telephone modems, GSM/GPRS/3G.
    • transfer types request/response, token-passing (e.g. Profibus standard).
  • Serial synchronous data transfer
    • for example CAN bus, DeviceNet, HDLC, and others.
  • Communication standards
    • for example COM/DCOM OPC, OPC UA, DDE, Echelon LonTalk, DLMS.
  • PC-card
    • for example the series Advantech Data Acquisition Card.
  • Network standards
    • technologies TCP/IP.
  • Data exchange using shared files

If needed, process D2000 KOM allows working in offline mode (without running Server or without connection to Server), in the KOM Archive mode and performing the acquisition and archiving of data. After automatic reconnection to Server, process D2000 KOM sends data acquired in offline mode.

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