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Structure of D2000 installation directory

All system files are copied into the installation directory during the installation of D2000 system. This directory is specified during the installation. The structure of installation directory of D2000 V11.00 is shown in the following figure.

Program directory structure
Directory Meaning / contents
D2000_EXE Installation directory of D2000 system.
D2000_EXE\bin Executable and DLL files.
D2000_EXE\Gtk GTK library (can contain more subdirectories).
D2000_EXE\Gtk\Bin D2000 SystemConsole files (sysconsole.exe).
D2000_EXE\Help D2000 HTML help documentation files (.chm).
D2000_EXE\Help\Java HTML help files of Java classes (.htm).
D2000_EXE\Inst_ODBC D2000 ODBC driver.
D2000_EXE\Inst_ODBC64 D2000 ODBC driver for 64-bit version.
D2000_EXE\java Java files and support.
D2000_EXE\Log Log and debug files.
D2000_EXE\Log\clients_log Contains *.his.log and *.his.log.bak files, which are created on client's side.
D2000_EXE\Msg Language support files.
D2000_EXE\ProtDll Libraries of communication protocols.
D2000_EXE\ResDll Source files.
D2000_EXE\ResDll64 Source files for 64-bit version.
D2000_EXE\System32 32-bit DLL for System32.
D2000_EXE\Templates\ Templates
D2000_EXE\Templates\Msde Templates for MSDE 2000, MS SQL 2000 MS SQL 2005 and MS SQL 2008
D2000_EXE\Templates\NameRules_32x Templates according to the version V3.2x.
D2000_EXE\Templates\NameRules_36x Templates according to the version V3.6x.
D2000_EXE\Templates\Oracle Templates for Oracle.
D2000_EXE\Templates\Sybase12 Templates for Sybase 12.
D2000_EXE\Templates\Sybase9 Templates for Sybase 9.
D2000_EXE\ThinClient HI for ThinClient.
D2000_EXE\Utils XLS files.
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