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Creating graphic presentation windows

Graphic presentation windows are objects of D2000 system intended to display current and historical status of controlled technological process. According to their contents, they can be divided into:

  • Pictures -  are the windows, which combine vector and bitmap graphic objects with a group of selected windows controls. They are used to display a status of a process and its dispatching control. They are being created in the environment of the process D2000 GrEditor.

  • Graphs - are the objects of D2000 system, which allows to display a time flow of logged parameters in a graphic form.

  • Reports - are the objects of D2000 system used to display output information. Output information consists of a document of MS Excel, Crystal Reports types or a document supporting the OLE interface.

  • Compositions - are groups of graphic information windows (the objects mentioned above) arranged on the desktop of the process D2000 HI.

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