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Active picture events

During work with picture, the user can generates events, that might be (or mustn't be) handled by special procedures so-called ENTRY in the script - to define the picture behaviour. ENTRY, with syntactic declaration, looks like a procedure declaration.

Picture events can be generated by the picture (attempt to close it, timer) or graphic objects (pressing the mouse button, changing a text, ....). Set of picture events generated by graphic objects is different according types of the objects.

Note: D2000 System allows to use JAVA language to write the applications. The equivalents of active picture events are stated in the extra html files available in the D2000 System installation directory - subdirectory Help.

Common picture events

Picture events generated by picture

Picture events generated by graphic objects

Displayer of  Browser type:

Displayer of  Browser type or Windows control of List box type:

ActiveX object:


Displayer of Tree view type:

Displayer of Graph type:

Windows control of Text entry field type:

Any graphic object or Windows control of Push button type:

Spin button:

Zobrazovač HTML iFrame:


Drag&Drop events

Picture events for source object:

Picture events for target object:

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