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OnClose picture event


ENTRY OnClose (BOOL _bClose)
 ; script actions
 END OnClose

_bClose Required input-output parameter of BOOL type.

The picture event is being generated by the picture when user attempts to close it. The picture event handler must set the parameter _bClose to a value and this is the reaction to user's action. Before terminating the picture event handler, if the parameter is set to:
  • @TRUE - the picture will be closed
  • @FALSE - the picture will not be closed
Providing that the picture is closed due to logout of a user, OnClose will not arise.
; evet handler: Attempt to close picture
ENTRY  OnClose  (BOOL   _bClose)
   _bClose :=   @FALSE ; refusing to close
 END  OnClose


A picture a OnClose handler defined like this can not be closed.

The event handler can be used e.g. for checking parameters defined by the user. If the handler doesn't change the value of the parameter _bClose, the picture will be closed.
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