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ENTRY - picture event handler


ENTRY EntryName [([IN] type1 paramName1[,paramName2, ...]   [IN] type2 paramName3]...)]
 ; script actions
 END EntryName


ENTRYX EntryName [([IN] type1 paramName1[,paramName2, ...] [IN] type2 paramName3]...)]
; script actions

EntryName Picture event name. The name must be one of the defined picture events.
type1 First parameter type.
paramName1 First parameter name.
type2 Second parameter type.
paramName2 Second parameter name. You can define up to 10 parameters type and paramName.

Picture event parameters are given by the event type. Other combination than permitted is not allowed.

The action initiates the handler of particular picture event. Generally, picture event handler is a specialized procedure initiates with the keyword ENTRY (or ENTRYX).

Picture events generated by graphic objects can be handled in two ways:

  • special handler of a picture event for a graphic object
  • global handler of a picture event for all graphic objects

The first way (special handler) handles events generated by one graphic object. Such handler contains a special name consisting of the graphic object name (the reference variable connected to graphic object) and picture event name. This method uniquely identifies the handler name (for example: BtnOK_OnClick. _BtnOK is a Reference local variable connected to the graphic object and OnClick is an picture event type).

The second way (global handler) handles all picture events of given type (for example: OnClick) for all graphic objects, for which a special handler of given picture event.

If a picture event handler is defined by the keyword ENTRYX, requests for handling picture events will be reduced so, that last picture event, not handled yet, will be handled first. During generation of a new picture event, all the picture event of the same type waiting to handle will be ignored.

The keyword ENTRYX may not be used for the following picture events: OnClose, OnPopUpMenu_Result, OnSubPictureClosed, OnAXEvent, OnItemValidate, OnFetchDone, OnUserInput.

Special picture event handler:
; event handler: Clicking the graphic object with 
;  reference variable _BtnOK assigned
   %HI_ClosePicture() ; closing picture
 END BtnOK_OnClick

Global picture event handler:
; event handler: Clicking the graphic objects that
; has no special handler defined
ENTRY OnClick(IN  INT _refId)
; _refId - the value of the reference local variable  assigned  to graphic object
   IF _refId = _BtnOK THEN ; test, that determines the graphic object
                           ; the user clicked on
     %HI_ClosePicture()    ; closing picture
 END OnClick


If there are defined both the handlers in the picture script, global handler will never be called for _refId=_BtnOK, because there is defined the special handler.

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