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unsigned int _stdcall WritePointValue(struct PointPar * Pt, unsigned int *FastAdr, unsigned int * RdValue)

Pt Pointer to PointPar structure.
FastAdr I/O tag address converted to a 32-bit number.
RdBack Pointer to a Boolean value of the request attribute of the function ReadPointValue. The function ReadPointValue is called after finishing the I/O tag initialization.

The function InitPoint (_InitPoint@12 in the Stdcall calling sequence) is optional. A pointer to a PointPar structure with a definition of the I/O tag parameters is the parameter of the function. The function is called at starting of the process D2000 KOM and later after a change of the I/O tag parameters in the process D2000 CNF. If it is required to save the I/O tag address converted to a 32-bit number into the list, the numerical address is to be saved into the parameter FastAdr. If the address is not converted, the constant FastAdrNotUsed is saved into the parameter FastAdr. For more info on addresses see the topic addresses of stations and I/O tags.
Return code
Code Description
RQ_OK Request has been executed.
RQ_ERR An error occurred (device does not communicate or is out of order, or there is any error).
RQ_IGNORED The function was ignored and the station status is not changed.

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