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D2000 system interfaces

System interfaces provide wide possibilities for utilization of particular application. The basic meaning of interfaces is to provide application programmers with complex and integrated facilities. The facilities allow them access to the data, which D2000 system receives, manages and presents.

Nowadays, there are 6 types of interfaces implemented in D2000 system:

D2000 ODBC DriverThe interface represents data contained in the system in a form of ODBC standard.
D2000 Java APIIt implements the access to D2000 System from the environment of external Java application.
D2000 OBJApiAccess to data in the system by means of standard programming languages. Actual implementation directly supports the languages C a C++. 
D2000 VBApiAccess to data in the system from the environment of Visual Basic or Visual Basic for MS Excel.
D2000 KomAPIA specialized interface for the extension of the set of communication protocols of the process D2000 KOM.
D2000 OPC ServerStandard OPC (OLE for Process Control) interface.
D2000 OPC UA ServerStandard OPC Unified Architecture (OLE for Process Control) interface.
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