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D2000 KomAPI - addresses of stations and I/O tags

In the D2000 System, the addresses of stations and I/O tags are in form of character strings with the length up to 200 characters. This solution is universal and sufficient for all existing and perspective communication protocols.
I/O tag contains even two addresses of I/O tag (Adr1 and Adr2). Using the first address is disadvantageous because the searching for an I/O tag by its address (the call-back function GetPoint and GetStation) in the list of objects can take a lot of time. Therefore, it has been allowed to create a list of I/O tags with addresses converted to 32-bit numbers.
The conversion is executed by the function InitPoint if it is required. Quick searching the I/O tag by its numeric address is executed by the call-back function GetFastPoint. The advantage of this solution is elimination of such differences in character string addresses as, for example, number of spaces, etc.

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