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Communication utilities

Communication utilities described in this chapter are detached command line-programs. They enlarge the D2000 system possibilities used for transmission of messages into various data or telecommunication networks, nowadays into INMARSAT-C and GSM.

SENDINMC communication utility The SENDINMC utility allows to send messages via NORTEL-DASA satellite terminal station to geostationary satellites of INMARSAT-C network.
SENDSMS communication utility The SENDSMS utility supports sending short text messages (SMS) to mobile phones of GSM networks using GSM modems.
GPSTIME communication utility The GPSTIME utility performs the correction of the computer system time according to the time from the receiver of GPS satellite positioning system.
SHOWOPC test utility The SHOWOPC utility displays the accessible OPC DA and OPC HDA servers in local or remote computer. It tests the functionality of remote DCOM access to the OPC servers.
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