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System constants

In mathematical expressions, there may be used constants implemented in D2000 system. When writing a system constant, it is important to place the symbol "@" before its name. The list of system constants is listed in the following table.

NameValue typeMeaning
NormalIntegerState (value) of Alarm type object.
AlarmIntegerState (value) of Alarm type object.
KvitIntegerState (value) of Alarm type object.
BlockIntegerState (value) of Alarm type object.
UnBlockIntegerState (value) of Alarm type object.
NoKvitIntegerState (value) of Alarm type object.
RunIntegerValue of Process type object.
CrashIntegerValue of Process type object.
StopIntegerValue of Process type object.
WDErrIntegerValue of Process type object.
StONIntegerValue of Station type object.
StOFFIntegerValue of Station type object.
StCOMERRIntegerValue of Station type object.
StHARDERRIntegerValue of Station type object.
StSIMULIntegerValue of Station type object.
TRUEBooleanLogical true.
FALSEBooleanLogical false.
HodIntIntegerHour interval length.
MinIntIntegerMinute interval length.
SecIntIntegerSecond interval length.
ZVBoolean (TRUE)Closing output.
OVBoolean (FALSE)Opening output.
OKIntegerValue in limits.
HLIntegerHigh Limit - value above the high limit.
LLIntegerLow Limit - value below the high limit.
VLLIntegerVery Low Limit - value below the lowest limit.
VHLIntegerVery High Limit - value above the highest limit.
L_ERRIntegerLimits Problem - overrunning the dynamic limits (violation of the condition VLL<LL<HL<VHL).
A, B, C, ... P, XIntegerValue flag.
Internal variable of an object of Eval tag type. The value of the variable is current value of given eval tag. It is important in case of eval tag, which "internal" value could be different than the value in target structured variable.

Warning: the value of the variable @MyValue is invalid before the first calculation. For correct functionality, either the parameter Replace invalid values with 0 of the eval tag must be checked or the value of @MyValue/VLD must be tested before use.

Note: The constant always has invalid value in ESL.
Absolute timeTime for which the value of archive object (historical value) is to be calculated.

Note: the constant can only be used in the statement determines the value of object of Historical value or Eval tag type. 

The values of constant related to Eval tag:

  1. Saving of the object - SysTime.
  2. First calculation - SysTime.
  3. Periodical calculation - a time which retrieves the calculation.
  4. Response to a change - a time when an object is being changed.
QTRANSIntegerValue of object I/O tag (quaternary).
QOFFIntegerValue of object I/O tag (quaternary).
QONIntegerValue of object I/O tag (quaternary).
QERRIntegerValue of object I/O tag (quaternary).
QOSCIntegerValue of object I/O tag (quaternary).
OTYPE_CLC_VALIntegerEval Tag
OTYPE_UNUSEDIntegerDo not use!
OTYPE_ST_TEXTIntegerStatus Text
OTYPE_PALETTEIntegerDisplay Palette
OTYPE_L_BITMAPIntegerBackground Bitmap
OTYPE_TM_CHANIntegerTime Channel
OTYPE_SYS_VARIntegerSystem Tag
OTYPE_USER_VARIntegerUser Variable
OTYPE_REPORTIntegerText report
OTYPE_DAY_TYPIntegerDay Type
OTYPE_ARR_VALIntegerValue Array
OTYPE_CMD_FILEIntegerCommand File
OTYPE_REM_OBJIntegerRemote Tag
OTYPE_ARCH_VALIntegerHistorical Value
OTYPE_RES_GROUPIntegerObject Group
OTYPE_BMPPALIntegerBitmap Palette
OTYPE_EXTPALIntegerExtended Palette
OTYPE_TOPOL_NODEIntegerTopological Node
OTYPE_TOPOL_LINKIntegerTopological Line
OTYPE_STRUCTDEFIntegerStructure Definition
OTYPE_D2RECORDIntegerStructured Variable
OTYPE_DB_TABLEIntegerDatabase Table
OTYPE_LOG_GROUPIntegerLogical Group
OTYPE_EXT_FNCTIntegerExternal Function
OTYPE_SHOW_MASKIntegerDisplay Mask
OTYPE_ALL_TYPESIntegerAll types
OTYPE_ALL_ALARMSIntegerAll types with possible alarm state.
REL_NONEIntegerUnspecified relation.
REL_NOTUSEDIntegerUnused objects.
REL_CHILDRENIntegerList of children.
REL_PARENTIntegerParent of object.
REL_USEDINIntegerUsed objects.
REL_USEDBYIntegerObject used by objects.
SORT_LIST_NAMEIntegerSort the list according to object name.
SORT_LIST_MODIFY_TIMEIntegerSort the list according to time of modification.
SORT_LIST_HOBJIntegerSort the list according to unique identifier of object HOBJ.
SDM_KEEP_VALUEIntegerKeep value of attribute as it was originally set in the configuration of object.
SDM_DEL_VALUEIntegerDelete value of attribute in the configuration of object.
SDM_SET_SOURCEIntegerSet value of attribute as it is defined in the imported XML data.
Constants describing the attribute Process alarm type (the value attribute \ALV)
PA_NoAlarmIntegerNo active process alarm.
PA_ToOnIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - change into the level ON (TRUE).
PA_ToOffIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - change into the level OFF (FALSE).
PA_OnIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - the level ON (TRUE).
PA_OffIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - the level OFF (FALSE).
PA_ErrIntegerError (invalid) value.
PA_OscillateIntegerOscillating value.
PA_ErrCmdOnIntegerError during the execution of the command cm_SetSwitchOn (ON).
PA_ErrCmdOffIntegerError during the execution of the command cm_SetSwitchOff (OFF).
PA_SwToTransIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - change of quaternary value into the value Q_Trans.
PA_SwToOffIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - change of quaternary value into Q_Off (FALSE).
PA_SwToOnIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - change of quaternary value into Q_On (TRUE).
PA_SwToErrIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - change of quaternary value into the value Q_Err.
PA_SwTransIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - quaternary value is Q_Trans.
PA_SwOffIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - quaternary value is Q_Off.
PA_SwOnIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - quaternary value is Q_On.
PA_SwErrIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - quaternary value is Q_Err.
PA_ErrZalCmdOffIntegerError during the execution of the command cm_SetSwitchBkpOff (Backup Off).
PA_HLIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - HL limit state of the value.
PA_VHLIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - VHL limit state of the value.
PA_LLIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - LL limit state of the value.
PA_VLLIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - VLL limit state of the value.
PA_ToHLIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - change of value into the HL limit state.
PA_ToVHLIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - change of value into the VHL limit state.
PA_ToLLIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - change of value into the LL limit state.
PA_ToVLLIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - change of value into the VLL limit state.
PA_ErrWriteCmdIntegerError while setting the value of output tags.
PA_ChangeIntegerProcess alarm occurrence - change of integer or analog value.
PA_SysPrAlIntegerSpecial type of process alarm used just for two objects of System variable type - SystemError and SystemWarning.
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