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Report embedding in the HI process

Using an object of Report type allows to embed any .xls file in process D2000 HI. To embed a report, that use functions of the interface D2000 WorkBook, it should be created from the template D2000_WorkBook.xlt.

Report created from the template supports:

  1. Automatic report logon to the D2000 process without user's interaction

    For logging on, there will be used the same parameters as the parameters for the process D2000 HI (logged on user, password, server name). The feature will be enabled, if the workbook contains a cell named LOG_ON_FROM_HI and its value is TRUE. The cell exists in the template D2000_WorkBook.xlt and , by default, its value is FALSE. It is necessary to enable it (set the value TRUE).
    According to the process (D2000 HI, MS Excel), where the report has been opened, its incorrect setting causes:

    • in the process D2000 HI, LOG_ON_FROM_HI = False (or doesn't exist)

      The logon dialog is displayed (the report is functional after user's logon).

    • in the MS Excel process, LOG_ON_FROM_HI = True

      The functions D2_GetValue, D2_ArchValue get the value waiting for logon from HI.

  2. Report parameters passing

    Report parameters are being defined in the following dialog box in the process D2000 HI:

    Report parameters

    After defining the parameters and clicking the button OK defined values are to be transmitted to corresponding cells of the report.

    Parameter in the dialog box Cell name
    Time interval – begin time D2000_BT
    Time interval – end time D2000_ET
    First numeric parameter D2000_NUM1
    First numeric parameter D2000_NUM2
    String D2000_TEXT

Setting of the workbook parameters

Required setting of the sheet parameters for embedding in the process D2000 HI:

Required parameters

The value of the cell B5 (LOG_ON_FROM_HI) must be TRUE - important !!! The other parameters (name, password,...) are automatically adjusted according to the parameters defined in the process D2000 HI.

In the MS Excel running in the computer, where such a report will be displayed, there must be activated the extension D2000_WorkBook.xll.

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