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Creating a new workbook from the template D2000_WorkBook.xlt

The previous topics contains the description and all information on creating a fully-functional report, that will be displayed (used) in the MS Excel environment. It is advisable to create a new report, designed for displaying in the process D2000 HI, from the template D2000_WorkBook.xlt - the item New from the menu File and the directory D2000 - the template D2000_WorkBook.xlt.

The template contains:

  1. The sheet D2000 Parameters, that comprises of some predefined and described cells.
  2. The button Calculate
  3. .
  4. Support for embedding the report in the process D2000 HI.
  5. Support for automatic (periodic) export.
  6. Support for automatic (periodic) printing.

Creating a report from the template doesn't exclude its end use in the MS Excel environment (de facto, it makes the creation easier).

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