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Data reporting

Printed data outputs represents an important part of some applications. Therefore D2000 system contains two interfaces, which can be used to create reports (D2000 VBApi and D2000 ODBC Driver) and one specialized tool (D2000 WorkBook).

  • D2000 ODBC Driver implements the standard ODBC interface that allows to make available data contained in the system. Using an appropriate tool (Crystal Report, MS Excel, ...) the data can be used either for a direct presentation or further processing. An advantage of the access method is that an application programmer can choose a tool for the report creation.
  • D2000 VBApi is an interface using Visual Basic programming language, that is available in the MS Excel environment. By means of the Visual Basic, MS Excel is a powerful tool for creating and processing high-capacity reports. A disadvantage is the method is the need of the Visual Basic language skills.
  • D2000 WorkBook is a specialized interface, that offers (with some limitations) all the advantages of the D2000 VBApi interface and also eliminates its main disadvantage - the Visual Basic language skills. The interface is user oriented and, in the natural way, allows to access the D2000 system data by using the MS Excel.

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