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Java - D2000 settings

Usage of Java in D2000 System is conditioned by setting of key "UseJava" on the value "1" in D2000 Application Manager (D2SMC), parameter KERNEL of particular application.

Setting of parameter UseJava

D2000 System will generate the wrappers for D2000 system objects and will allow a running of Java scripts in pictures and events. The parameter must be set on the computer, which the process D2000 Server runs on, in case of redundant system on all the computers which the servers (they form a redundant group) run on.
The setting needs higher requirements on memory and processor.

You can set a key "ExcludeObjGen = " and mask (or more masks separated by semicolon) into the file \D2000\D2000.APP\<application>\java\ It defines the object which will not be generated to

Example: This line filters the objects starting "hou" a "s" (i.e. the objects "Hour" and all pictures):

ExcludeObjGen = hou*;s.*

Separation of classpath for EVH processes

In standard configuration, the EVH processes of D2000 System use the common settings of classpath even if each EVH process has a unique JVM instance/runtime. In the event that it is necessary to dedicate a part of functionality to EVH process, which uses ESL scripts written in Java, it can be useful to separate the classpath for the particular EVH process. Separation is useful mainly if ESL scripts written in Java use different versions of the same Java library from the third part. In this case, the separation of classpath prevents the conflicts in the application.

Separated classpath - cmd parameters

To set the separated classpath for EVH process, enter these parameters:


Parameter --JAVA-CP can be entered repeatedly.

Separated classpath - registry entries

Providing that you cannot enter all path by --JAVA-CP, you must insert these records into Windows registry.

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