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Functions available from D2000 V12.2.

JSON format manipulation functions allows to create, read, write and delete JSON objects. Function names are created by the prefix %JSON_.

When adding invalid value (e.g. %JSON_ObjectSetValue), value in JSON is stored as null. When reading null value from JSON (e.g. %JSON_ObjectGetValue), value is interpreted as invalid value.

Every handle to JSON object or array must be released by calling %JSON_FreeObjectHandle or %JSON_FreeArrayHandle.

Handle remain valid also after deleting of child object or array (e.g. %JSON_ArrayRemoveItem) pointed to by the handle. Similarly when removed parent object or array, handle pointed to child remains valid.


INT _obj
INT _clientInfo
TEXT _d2version
_obj := %JSON_ObjectFromString(ModuleInfo)
_clientInfo := %JSON_ObjectGetObject(_obj, "client_data")
%JSON_FreeObjectHandle(_obj) ; release handle to _obj, _clientInfo is still valid handle
_d2version := %JSON_ObjectGetValue(_clientInfo, "d2000_version")
LOG "D2000 version", _d2version PRIORITY _LOG_PRTY_INFO
%JSON_FreeObjectHandle(_clientInfo) ; finally release _clientInfo handle

There is created JSON object from ModuleInfo variable, then we get value from object and this value is written into monitoring database.

%JSON file manipulation functions:

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