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ODBC Driver should be installed after installing D2000. It is installed by the file install.exe, which is placed in the installation directory \inst_odbc.

File description:

  • install.exe - a program that after starting installes or updates ODBC driver "D2000 VXX.XX.XX Real Time Driver" in 32-bit version. 64-bit version is not available.
  • d2odbccfg_XX_XX_XX.dll – a library that enables the configuration of ODBC through a user interface.
  • d2odbcdrv_XX_XX_XX.dll – a library that implements the functionality of ODBC interface. The library is a client of D2000 application server and its version must be the same as the application server.

Poznámka: The names of dll files depend on the version, so after installing, the signs XX in the name are replaced by the number of version. For example d2odbcdrv_10_1_39.dll.

Installation (install.exe)

  • It copies the files D2installDir\D2000_EXE\inst_odbc\d2odbccfg_10_1_39.dll and D2installDir\D2000_EXE\inst_odbc\d2odbcdrv_10_1_39.dll into the directory % SystemRoot%\system32 (mostly c:\windows\system32).
  • It registers ODBC driver in OS. The installation of ODBC driver can be verified in ODBC Data Source Administrator (32-bit version) on the Drivers tab.

Example of successful installation:

Updating file D2odbcdrv_10_1_39.dll
Updating file D2odbccfg_10_1_39.dll

The End


The names of both ODBC driver and dll files contain the name of particular version of D2000, because in OS Windows they share the name position (dll files are copied to the folder c:\windows\system32 and name of driver is in the list of available ODBC drivers).
LOG files, which contain the debug information, are placed in the directory that is written in a variable ALLUSERSPROFILE. Its value can be obtained in this way:

d:\d2000\D2000_V10.01.039\D2000_EXE\inst_odbc>echo %ALLUSERSPROFILE%


Names of log files are D2ODBC_CFG.log for D2odbcdrv_10_1_39.dll and D2ODBC_DRV.log for D2odbccfg_10_1_39.dll.

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