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Reference to current object value

To insert the reference to the current value (or an attribute) of an object, proceed as follows:

  1. In the sheet, select the cells you want to insert the reference in.
  2. Select the option Object Values from the menu.
  3. In the dialog box:

  4. define the parameters:

    • Object name - the name must be defined between quotes (e.g. "Sec"). A list of objects is opened after clicking the button placed right.
    • Value attribute - value attribute can be defined either directly (between quotes) or by clicking the button placed right.
    • Calculate on change - optional parameter whose change enforces calculating the function (the result of it is updating a value displayed). In most cases, it is convenient to use an reference to the cell D2000_BT, that is updated automatically when the workbook is being opened (only if the workbook has been created from the template D2000_WorkBook.xlt). Clicking the button placed right opens a list of defined cell names in the current sheet.

  5. Clicking the button Insert will fill selected cells with defined reference to the current value of defined object.

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