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unsigned int _stdcall ConfigDone(struct StationPar * St)

St Pointer to StationPar structure./td>


The function ConfigDone (_ConfigDone@4 in the Stdcall call convention) is optional. It is called only once for a station after the definition callings InitStation and InitStation are finished. The sequence of the definition callings InitStation, InitPoint and ConfigDone is as follows:

  • At first, there is called the function InitStation,
  • then the function InitPoint is called for all I/O tags of particular station,
  • then the functions InitStation and InitPoint are called for other stations,
  • finally, the function ConfigDone is called for all the stations.

Return code
Code Description
RQ_OK Request has been executed OK.
RQ_ERR An error occurred (device does not communicate or is out of order, or there is any error).
RQ_IGNORED The function was ignored and the station status is not changed.

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