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Evaluation of a statistical archive function on demand.
 CALCSTATFUNC archIdent, timeFromIdent_TmA, timeToIdent_TmA, statFuncIdent_Int, validPercIdent_Int, paramIdent, retValueIdent, statusIdent_Int [,archivInstance_Int]

archIdent in Reference to one value of historical value or reference to object, values of which have been archived.

Warning: If the parameter is the reference to an object archived several times, there is not specified which one of the historical objects is to be used.
timeFromItemIdent_TmA in Identifier of AbsTime type - interval beginning.
timeToItemIdent_TmA in Identifier of AbsTime type - interval end.
statFunctIdent in Identifier of Int type - statistical function type.
validPercIdent in Identifier of Int type - validation criteria.
paramIdent in Identifier of Int or Real types - parameter for some types of functions.
retValueIdent out Identifier for calculation result.
statusIdent out Calculation (action) success.
archivInstance_Int in Optional identifier of Int type - identification of archive instance. If the parameter is not defined, the value 0 will replace it.

The action executes calculation of the statistical function given by the parameter statFuncIdent_Int on the values represented by the historical value archIdent within the time interval given by the parameter timeFromIdent_TmA and timeToIdent_TmA . After successful execution of the action, the parameter retValueIdent contains a result value of the calculation. The parameter statusIdent_Intgets one of the following values:

Set of implemented functions is equal with the functions, which may be configured for statistical archive (except the FILTER and EACOAVG functions).  For the individual functions, there are predefined local constants in ESL.

The parameter validPerctIdent_Int represents Validation criteria used during the evaluation of the statistical function. It can get values within 1 .. 100 (the error ERR_RANGE_ERROR occurs if the condition is broken).

For some statistical function, it is required to enter the parameter paramIdent according to the table:

Statistical function Parameter description
_STAT_F_INTEGRAL Integral time units. For individual types, there are also established predefined local variables according to the table:
Constant Description
_INTEGRAL_MINUNIT Minute integral
_INTEGRAL_SECUNIT Second integral
Compare value

For the other statistical archive functions, the parameter paramIdent is not being evaluated.

Value of parameter archivInstance_Int defines the instance of archive which executes the request. If the parameter is not defined (or the value is 0), the active instance of archive will execute the request.

 TIME _bt
 TIME _et
 REAL _retValue
 INT _retCode

 _bt := %StrToTime("8:01:00 16-10-2003")
 _et := %StrToTime("8:02:00 16-10-2003")

 CALCSTATFUNC H.ArchObj, _bt, _et,  _STAT_F_SUM, 100, 0, _retValue, _retCode 

 ; calculation done
   ; an error occurred

Using the action CALCSTATFUNC does not allow to evaluate the FILTER and ECOAVG statistical functions.

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