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Status texts - configuration dialog box

Editing of all objects in the process D2000 CNF is being performed in the configuration dialog box, a specific part of which is common for all editable objects and other part depends on the type of edited object.

Configuration dialog box of status texts consists of following parts (tabs), that contain similar parameters.

General properties

General properties


A text string describing the status text. Maximum: 128 characters.
Possibility to use the Dictionary (to open press CTRL+L).

Value type

The list Value type includes the individual types of object values of the D2000 System the status text can be defined for. After selecting one of the types, default labels of individual values of selected type are to be displayed in the tab Texts (for numerical type - Int, Ci, Co, Ce, Re, Ai, Ao, Ae, TmR, TiR and ToR, there will be displayed first 10 values). Individual labels are defined by entering into particular input boxes placed right from the default labels.


Texts for

Selection of use of the status text. Status text can be used for either object values (the item Values) or for object limits (the item Limits).


Definition of the begin value of an value interval, for which you want to define the labels.


Definition of a step for object values displayed in the table.


Definition of a number of values, for which you define the labels. Maximal size is 999.

Predefined color

Setting of predefined background color and text color of status text item - by radio buttons:
  • Defined background
  • Defined text

Text color

Setting of background color and text color according to values acquired by display object (TRUE, FALSE, ...) - by radio buttons:

  • Defined background
  • Defined text

The left table column contains labels of object values. The default labels correspond to selected value type - the listbox Value type in the tab General properties. The right table column contains input boxes to redefine the default labels.
The items LOW and HIGH allows to define labels for all object values greater / less than the values within defined interval.

Note: Setting the background and text color can be applied only to the alarm records and records in log database.

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