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If the picture is intended for Thin Client (the parameter Picture for TC in dialog box Picture settings must be checked off), the header of opened picture shows also the status of transformation for Thin client).
The picture, the script of which is written in Java and the application is also in Java, contains the status of transformation of Java in header.

Function buttons


Creates new picture.
Allows to edit the selected picture.
Deletes the selected picture.
Assigns the selected picture to logical groups.
Renaming of objects that are configured in D2000 GrEditor except for bitmaps.

Inserts the texts from the picture to the Dictionary. The button is used for inserting the texts of graphic objects included in the picture. Its functionality is the same as the functionality of the button Image Modified Automatically insert into Dictionary located in the main toolbar of process D2000 GrEditor.

If the Ctrl and Shift keys are pressed while selecting a button, the selected pictures are restored in the application. The action is used to update internal structures to make it easier to compare xml schema exports. (D2000 V12.1N)

Closes the selection window.
Allows to switch between two representations of a list: Simple / Full list.


The list of pictures is placed on the right side of the selection window. The list contains only the pictures belonging to selected logical group. The list can be filtered by a mask as well. The range of information displayed in the list depends on the presentation type (the button ):


If the notice List is empty! appears instead of a list of pictures, it means that no picture has been created in the system or the logged on user does not have the access rights to them.


Minimum supported versionD2000 V12.1N

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