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A dialog window opens from the D2000 CNF menu, tab Application parameters -> Generating the dictionary.

A generator will search the selected objects for texts which can contain keywords for the dictionary.
If these texts are not empty and they do not contain keywords, the generator will create a key (word) and it will store it (keyword, text) in the dictionary.
The text will be inserted into a language mutation given by the default language for the user to perform the automatic generating of a dictionary.

The generator also changes the configuration of selected objects to use the generated keywords.

The described process of generating can be controlled by the following dialog box:

Generating the dictionary

Functional buttons

Functional buttons enable the control of various aspects of the generation of dictionaries.

The button will select objects for the generation of the dictionary.
The button will deselect objects for the generation of the dictionary.
The button will open selected objects for modification and key generation.
The button will save changes by:
  1. Modifying the dictionary.
  2. Modifying selected objects.
The button will close the dialog box without saving any changes.

Keywords generation is performed in three steps:

  1. Pressing the button will open a list of objects in the current configuration.
    The user can select the objects for the generation of the dictionary.
    The list of objects contains only the types of objects that can be edited by the D2000 CNF (unavailable are e.g. pictures, graphs, ...). By closing the list of objects the selection is confirmed.
    The selection can be used repetitively.
    Removal of (previously selected) objects from the list is possible by clicking the button .
    Selected objects are in the first column of the list. The second column contains their status.
  2. After the selection of objects, it’s necessary to review their configuration and by pressing the button to locate the texts that can contain dictionary keywords.
    Every selected object whose status is Selected or Open Error will be tested for opening for modification and if the test succeeds the configuration of this object will be inspected.
    For all texts that can be inserted into the dictionary, a keyword will be generated and inserted to the list in the right pane of the dialog box.

    This list contains all texts in opened objects and their status in the following columns:

    Column nameDescription
    Full KEY nameEvery text in the configuration of the object is uniquely determined by its name. This name is used as a key in the dictionary. It consists of object_name + object_property_name + sequence_number. A name constructed in this way can be longer than the maximum permitted keyword length, therefore it’ll be truncated if necessary.
    Dictionary KEY nameReal key name for the dictionary (truncated if necessary).
    StatusText description of the keyword status:
    1. ERR: cannot generate keyword
    2. An empty string in object’s configuration
    3. Text is translated
    4. New key generated
    5. Key exists with different text
    6. Key exists with necessary text
    For the meaning of these statuses see the table below.
    Text from the object’s configurationThe text is contained in the configuration of the object.
    Text from dictionaryText will be the result of translating the text from the object’s configuration using the dictionary.

    Description of the keyword status:

    ERR: cannot generate keywordInternal error. It occurs if the process of automated key generation was unsuccessful for a given text.
    Empty string in object’s configurationThe object’s configuration contains an empty string. No keys will be generated for empty strings.
    Already translated textConfiguration of the object contains text which is already in the dictionary. No key will be generated for such a text.
    New key generatedText in the column Text from the object’s configuration will be inserted into the dictionary under a given key. The object’s configuration will be modified by replacing the text with the key.
    Key exists with different textGenerated key already exists in the dictionary, but it’s assigned to a text different from the text in the object’s configuration. Action Save will not use this key.
    Key exists with necessary textGenerated key already exists in the dictionary and it’s assigned to the same text as is in the object’s configuration. Action Save will not modify the dictionary, it’ll only modify the configuration of the object by replacing text with the key.

    Due to the amount of information displayed in the list of keys may be desirable to apply filters to display only:

       A. Keys belonging to a certain object (choice Keys list for selected object/all keys).

       B. Rows which will cause the change of configuration of the dictionary or of some of the selected objects. In this mode also rows reporting errors during key generation or rows indicating conflict "Key exists with another text".

  3. The last key in the generation of dictionaries is saving the dictionary by button .

    Generation of dictionary can modify:

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