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The environment of the D2000 GrEditor process allows users to simplify creating the multilanguage environment in existing pictures. For this purpose, there is located the button - Automatically insert into Dictionary placed in the Main toolbar. Clicking the button will generate keywords in the Dictionary from texts defined in the picture. These texts are assigned to the keywords in language, defined as the user's default language (the parameter Language in the configuration dialog box for defining the user's parameters - Settings tab).

How to insert texts into Dictionary

  1. Open the given picture on the D2000 GrEditor desktop.
  2. Select all graphic objects and texts which you want to insert into the Dictionary. Pressing the shortcut CTRL+A selects all graphic objects in the picture.
  3. Click the button - Auto insert into Dictionary*. The texts of selected graphic objects are to be automatically inserted into the Dictionary and keywords are to be generated and assigned to them.
  4. The original texts are replaced by keywords. They are defined in the Dictionary - the column with the language that corresponds to the language defined as the default one for the user.

* The button is enabled only if there is a defined language for the user (see the chapter Configuration of user's parameters - the parameter Language).

You can insert only the texts from these parameters of graphic objects into the Dictionary:

  • parameter Text,
  • name of graphic object of 3D button type,
  • parameter Text for Windows controls,
  • names of tabs in displayer of Tab control type,
  • names of columns in displayer of Browser type,
  • the parameter Descr. in displayers of Pointer displayer a Column displayer types,
  • for all graphic objects, the parameter Info text (tooltips).

The text of selected graphic objects is not inserted into the Dictionary in the following cases:

  • if there have been already defined the keywords (the string {!...}),
  • if the text already exists in the dictionary,
  • empty string,
  • if the text represents the value of other objects (e.g. the mask {V}).

The name of the keyword, generated by the automatic insertion, is derived from the name of the picture and the identifier of the given graphic object. It consists of these three parts:

<prefix>_<graphic object ID><attribute>


  • prefix - picture name without its prefix and suffix. If the name is longer than 24 characters, it will be reduced to 16 characters and the picture ID will be added to it.
  • graphic object ID - graphic object number (ID) - 4 characters.
  • attribute - graphic object attribute:
    • I - info text (tooltip),
    • T - text of graphic object of Text or 3D button
    • type,
    • W - text of Windows control,
    • B<i> - column name in displayer of Browser type, where <i> specifies the serial number of the column,
    • T<i> - tab name in Windows control of Tab control type, where <i> specifies the serial number of the tab,
    • (no attribute) - text in pointer displayer or column displayer.

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