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Transformation palette

Transformation palette depends on the application. It is configured globally within the application (using the process D2000 CNF) and stored in the configuration database.

Transformation palette is the tool, which define 32 masks (in the terms of masks for value representation) for each of the following value types:

  • Integer
  • Real
  • Absolute time
  • Time interval

To each mask, in the frame of particular type, is assigned a number (ascending from 1,2, ...,32). The number represents so-called Index of transformation palette.

Example of Transformation palette configuration:

Example - Transformation palette

Index of transformation palette is a configuration parameter of specific objects in the system or structures. It determines a representation method of their parameters (using a mask) if this representation is not defined (overloaded) by a linked object of the Status text type, or the linked status text for displayed value is not defined (empty text).

Index of transformation palette can get the value from 1 up to 32. In case of 0 (zero) value, the use of Transformation palette is disabled and the object value will be displayed with maximal possible accuracy.

The configuration of Index of transformation palette for object value representation:

  • Disabled use of transformation palette    - disabled use of Transformation palette
  • Use of transformation palette    - use of the mask with the index 3 from Transformation palette
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