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%SetFlagsBy function

The result of the function is the value of the parameter param1 and its user flags are the user flags of the parameter param2.
UNIVAL  %SetFlagsBy(
   UNIVAL in param1, 
   UNIVAL in  param2

param1 Expression of optional type.
param2 Expression of optional type.

We need to copy the user flags included in the variable _flags to the variable _i while the value of the variable _i remains unchanged.
 TEXT _flags
 INT  _i
 ; set the flags A and F
 _flags := %SetFlagsV("Text", @A, @TRUE, @F, @TRUE)
 _i := 5
 ; copy user flags from variable _flags to variable _i, while value of _i remains unchanged
 _i := %SetFlagsBy(_i, _flags)

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