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Object communication

The dynamic object data model (DODM) registers all relations of objects to other objects in the system. If the functioning of the object A depends on the functioning of the object B, the DODM functions will notify the object A about the change of object B value (state). At the same time, all objects that need the information to their functionality will be notified.

No active object of the D2000 system executes synchronous activity of the type request/status detection (so-called polling) of other objects, because it is often ineffective. All operations in the system are asynchronous - they are reactions to messages about DODM object status change. This communication method is called event-driven.

Information about object change is transferred among D2000 system processes in form of messages via communication interface D2000 ObjApi. ObjectAPI is an interface based on the communication items which are either shared memory or TCP connections (optionally also redundant), that are transparent in a computer network. It implies that individual processes of the D2000 system can run on one computer as well as simultaneously on several computers connected to the computer network. DODM objects together with services of the dynamic object data model are concentrated in an individual process - D2000 Server.

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