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LST_CREATE actions

Action creates a list of objects according to entered criteria.

 LST_CREATE mask, objType, logGroup, sortBy, lines, h, data[, relation, object]
maskinIdentifier of String type - loads only those object which has the attribute "Name" complying with mask. If symbol "*" is in the mask, objects are included into list regardless of their name ("Name" attribute).
objTypeinIdentifier of Int type - defines a type of objects which will be included into list (selection the one of predefined constants with prefix @OTYPE_*).
If constant @OTYPE_ALL_TYPES has been chosen, objects of all types are included into list.
logGroupinReference to object - if current value of parameter is non-associated alias, the parameter does not take into account. If parameter contains the reference to real object in system, only objects, belonging to entered logical group, will be included into list.
sortByinIdentifier of Int type - defines a way to sort the objects in list (selection the one of predefined constants with prefix @SORT_LIST_*).
linesinIdentifier of Int type - maximum number of rows which will be written into data. It represents number of rows on one page. Maximum rows can be 1000.
houtIdentifier of Int type - unique handle on created list of objects. If the handle is 0, some error occurred at list creating.
dataoutIdentifier of the whole local structure SD._System_ObjectInfo or other structure definition consisting of the same column count and types.

Types and meaning of columns:

ID Integer

It is possible to use a structure extended by 2 more columns with their types and meanings:

ModifyTimeAbsolute time
relationinIdentifier of Int type - defines the relationship among all objects in list in regard to object characterized by parameter object.
Value of parameter must be defined by value of some of the constants REL_*.
If the parameter has value REL_NONE or REL_NOTUSED, object defined by parameter object is ignored.
objectinReference to optional object - relative object.
Action creates the list of objects according to entered criteria. If the handle is 0, some error occurred at list creating.

The list belongs to a running scrip instance and it cannot be shared among various scripts. The list terminates together with script ending or by LST_CLOSE action.

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