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%HI_AXInvoke function

The function invokes the specified function and gives it parameters.
INT %HI_AXInvoke(
   INT in refID, 
   TEXT in functionName, 
        in param1, 
        in  paramN

refId Reference to ActiveX object (reference variable) or interface returned by calling the function HI_GetAXProp.
functionName Name of invoked function.
param1, ..., paramN Parameters (of required type) to give the invoked function.

Return value
The function returns a value of Int (HRESULT) type. In a general way, a positive value means the function success and a negative value means the non-success.
In active picture, there is placed the ActiveX object of Microsoft Web Browser type. The following call
 %HI_AXInvoke(_AX_MWB, "navigate", "HTTP://")

will show the web page in the ActiveX object window.
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