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%GetStTextRange function

The function gets back a value of configuration parameter "Range" to the object of Status text type.
INT %GetStTextRange(
   HBJ in  _h

_h Value of the HBJ or INT type.

Parameter _h represents a unique identifier of the object of Status text type. You can get it as attribute \HBJ.
If the parameter _h represents invalid value or refers to the object of incorrect type or the object with specific unique identifier does not exist, the function generates an interruption of ESL script executing with error ERR_EXPRESSION_STATUS.
 REAL _base
 REAL _step
 INT _range
 ; ST_TEXT_OBJ - object of Status text type
 _base := %GetStTextBase(ST_TEXT_OBJ\HBJ)
 _step :=  %GetStTextStep(ST_TEXT_OBJ\HBJ)
 _range :=  %GetStTextRange(ST_TEXT_OBJ\HBJ)

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