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D2000 WorkBook.xll installation

The file D2000_WorkBook.xll implements two basic functions for accessing current or archive values of D2000 system objects. Its installation consists of the insertion of the file to the list of add-ins, which are activated after launching the MS Excel.

Two techniques to add D2000_WorkBook.xll file into MS Excel:

Microsoft Excel 2003 and higher

To add D2000_WorkBook.xll into list click on Office Button / Excel Options / tab Add-Ins. Click on Go... and the dialog box Add-Ins will open. Then click on Browse... and search D2000_WorkBook.xll in the directory D2000.exe\bin. The functions of D2000 WorkBook will be add among other add-ins in MS Excel.

D2000 WorkBook add-in

D2000 WorkBook functions:

Insert a function

Microsoft Excel 97 and higher

To insert the file click the menu Tools and then the item Add-ins. In the opened dialog box click the button Browse and find and select the file D2000.e60\bin\D2000_WorkBook.xll.

After the correct installation, the list of MS Excel functions is extended by the category D2000 WorkBook containing the following functions:

  • D2_ArchArr
  • D2_ArchValue
  • D2_CalcStatFunc
  • D2_CalcStatFuncArr
  • D2_GetValue
  • D2_OpenDbgConsole
  • D2_WriteToConsole.

Insert function

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