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Functionality is set via the d2smc process by setting parameters for the D2000 Server process:


Depth of configuration database backups created automatically. Backups older than the specified depth are automatically deleted. It is given in seconds. 

 Setting to 0 value disables the automatic backup of the configuration database.

BackupSysCfgOffsetAn offset of an automatic backup of the configuration database in the given period. It is given in the format HH: MM. It means a shift in hours and minutes.
BackupSysCfgPathThe path to the directory where the automatically created configuration database backups will be stored. It is primarily set to %D2000_APP%\%nazov_aplikacie%\SysCfg\Backup.

Note: For the proper functioning of the automatic backup of the configuration database, there should be no other directories or files in the directory where the backups are stored.

Period of an automatic backup of the configuration database. It is given in the format NX, where N is an integer and X is a unit of time. Permissible time units are H - hour, D - day, W - week, M - month.

Note: Setting an empty value or a value of 0H disables configuration database backups.

Method of implementation:

If this function is enabled, backups of the configuration databas eare automatically created according to the set parameters and are put into the selected directory. In this directory, backups are placed in the created folders, which are named according to the date and time the backup was created. Backups older than the depth selected by the BackupSysCfgDeep parameter are automatically deleted.

Note 1: This functionality cannot be applied to databases built on the PostgreSQL database system. The backup of such databases must be performed according to these instructions.

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