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D2000 system applications are managed by the tool D2000 Application Manager (d2smc.exe).

By application management of the D2000 System we mean:

When you select Applications, a list of applications configured on this computer will appear in the right part of the window. The meaning of the individual columns of the list is as follows:

NameName of the application
StatusStatus of the application (Stopped, Running, Pending...)
StartupMethod how to start the application service
DesktopIf Yes, process D2Start and D2000 Server will be visible on the desktop
ParametersList of parameters that are given further at process start D2000 Server
Sql DriverDriver for database operation
EnginesList of servers that are necessary for the application to run and whose functionality will be monitored by the D2Start process

Note: The application launcher is the D2Start process, which overwatches the D2000 Server and Database Servers process. If D2Start detects that the D2000 Server process stops abnormally, it will try to restart it.

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