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%ARC_GetValue function

The function gets the value of the specified object of Historical value in defined time.
REAL %ARC_GetValue(
        in archObject
   TIME in time
   BOOL in exact
archObjectName of object of Historical value type.
timeArchiving time.
exactThe parameter is important in periodical archiving - defines the behaviour of the function if the archive database does not contain a value with the time specified by the parameter time.
Possible values:
  • @TRUE - the function returns invalid value,
  • @FALSE - the function retrieves the value with nearest older time.
The statement in the example below calculates the difference between current value of the object H.Arc1 and its value a minute ago.
H.Arch1 - %ARC_GetValue(H.Arch1, %NewTime(@EvalTime,0,0,0,-60),  @FALSE)
The system constant @EvalTime - more information.
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