Event logging in the system

The "Log database" dialog box in the D2000 CNF process allows setting the log database parameters. The dialog box contains a table comprising the following columns:

  • Event - category of system events,
  • Log - [Yes/No] - enables/disables logging particular event into the log database,
  • History depth [days] - [0-3650] - writing period of event into the log database (in days). Configuration of history depth in D2000 version V21.1 R73 is moved into corresponding objects of type Data purpose.
  • Use device - [Yes/No] - enables/disables event logging to output device,
  • Device - the name of an output device. The output device is the type of device, where logged data will be written. There are these types of output devices:
    • PRN, LPT1, LPT2 - output to a specified printer,
    • FileName.Ext - saving to a text file of a given name.From V21.1 version, it is possible to use Windows environment variables. Usage example: "% userprofile%\Monitoring\logon.txt". When writing to a file, the existence of directories is checked and the missing directory is created. Here, for example, the "Monitoring" directory. The file size is controlled by the max_log_size parameter that is described in the Special Settings chapter. 
Event categoryData purpose objectSystem events
AlarmsAlarmLoggingAll changes of alarm states (information about particular alarm states and their changes, see the online guide D2000 System Configuration - topic Alarm states).
SystemSystemLoggingStart and stop of the D2000 system
Operator's logon into the D2000 system (logon with incorrect name or password).
ProcessProcessLoggingAll status changes of the D2000 system processes (e.g. start, stop, breakdown).
Kom processKomLoggingCommunication failures.
OperatorOperatorLoggingAll operator's interactions into the system (e.g. changes of system objects' values via control windows in the D2000 HI process).
EventEventMsgLoggingLogs are written by performing LOG commands.
Logon/LogoffLogonLogoffLoggingOperator's logon/logoff from/to the D2000 system processes.
Data exportDataExportLoggingExport from Browser
Change valueChangeValueLoggingSpontaneous changes of values.
PostMortemDataPostMortemDataLoggingSpecial communication data.

To set parameters to write events of a given category into the log database:

  1. Click the required category of events.
  2. Using Log, History depth, Use device and Device placed bellow the table, set parameters for the given category of events.
  3. Click the Save button to confirm the log database configuration.
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