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HI settings

The settings of the process D2000 HI allows user to define various properties not only of the HI on given computer itself but also its parts - console appearance, representations of displayed information for users, properties of control windows, alarms and their representation, global settings of graphs, accesses to D2000 system logging and other special settings.
The process D2000 HI provides user with the settings on 2 levels:

  1. Console preferences - the settings which are applied to all users of the console (the process D2000 HI) on given computer. Description of the settings is in the chapter Console preferences.

  2. User preferences - the settings allows user to customize the console settings described above according his/her own needs. The settings are described in the chapter User preferences.

The configurations described in the following part are so-called special configurations of the process D2000 HI:

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