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HI process environment - Status bar

The status bar of process D2000 HI contains the information on the current time and date placed on the right side. There are the bulb icon and three icons on the left side. In case that an alarm situation is occurred in the system  - e.g. at least one object of alarm type is in alarm status - the bulb icon starts blinking to indicate the occurred situation. Clicking this icon opens the dialog box showing all defined  or current alarms in the system.
Warning: the bulb icon is not displayed if user doesn't have the rights to view alarms. For more information about alarms in D2000 system, see the topic Controlling exceptions in logged process.

D2000 HI - Status bar

1Bulb icon - alarm situation indicator.
2Opens the list of all minimized information windows (pictures, graphs, ...)
3Opens the list of all information windows (pictures, graphs, ...)
4Indicators showing the connection status in the redundant system + redundant group name.
5Current system time - HOUR:MIN:SEC.
6Current system date - DAY.MONTH.YEAR.

Clicking the  icon opens the list of all graphic information windows (pictures, graphs and reports), opened on HI desktop. .

List of windows opened in D2000 HI resp in newer version

Choosing a graphic information window from the displayed list sets this window as active one and places it over all other opened windows.

Clicking the    icon opens the list of all graphic information windows (pictures, graphs and reports) minimized on HI desktop.

List of windows minimized in D2000 HI

Choosing a graphic information window from the displayed list restores down this window - opens it on HI desktop.

If the Ctrl and Alt keys are pressed while selecting a window in the lists, the selected window is closed. This activity is potentially dangerous, the scheme may get undefined. (D2000 V12.1N)

Indication of the connection status in redundant systems

If process D2000 HI operates in the redundant mode, the status line contains one or two indicators (according to the number of network lines), that show the status of the connection through individual lines with the active server. The status is indicated by a color and a text, that is displayed when you point the mouse cursor to the indicators. Meaning of colors used for displaying the connection status for redundant systems is shown in the following table:

- grey
Server not connected (unknown)Server not connected.
- red
Line failure ErrorIf the line used for connection is failed.

Unsuccessful connection.

/ -
dark-blue / dark-green
Connecting serverConnecting a server (data reading, BMP synchronization).
- blue
Connected to serverConnected to server, no user logged on.
- dark-green
User's logonUser's logon.
- green
User logged onUser logged on.


Minimum supported versionD2000 V12.1N

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