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Object valueDescription
TrueThe line is working.
FalseThe line is not working.

Note: Solving the line failure problems depends on the line category. Each line generates the output file called line_name.log placed in the subdirectory TRACE of the application directory. The file contains detailed information about the error.


The definition of working of the line depends on its category:

Line categoryFunctioning line

The LonWorks dynamic library (ldv32.dll) was initialized and the specialized LON device could be opened.

MOXA IP Serial Library

The Moxa dynamic library (Ipserial.dll) was initialized, a connection to the specified Moxa devices was established, and specified serial port parameters were set.

RFC2217 Client

A TCP connection with the RFC2217 server was


established and possibly the parameters of the serial port were queried.

Serial Line Redundant
System&Line Redundant

Podarilo sa otvoriť sériový port a nastaviť požadované parametre sériového portu.

The serial port was open and


the required serial port parameters were set.

SerialOverUDP Device Redundant
SerialOverUDP Line Redundant
SerialOverUDP System&Line Redundant
Podarilo sa obsadiť (bind) špecifikovaný lokálny

Binding to the specified local UDP port(


s) was successful.

TCP/IP-TCP Redundant
Podarilo sa nadviazať TCP spojenie (klientské protokoly

A TCP connection was establishex (client protocols), resp.

podarilo sa obsadiť (bind) špecifkovaný lokálny port (serverovské protokoly

binding to the specified local TCP port(s) was successful (server protocols).

Podarilo sa obsadiť (bind) špecifikovaný lokálny

Binding to the specified local UDP port was successful.


  • zatvorenie linky (pre linky kategórie Serial a closing the line (for lines of categories Serial, Serial Line Redundant a , System&Line Redundant and RFC2217 Client tell príkazom  with the tell command LNSTAT OPEN/CLOSE spôsobí zmenu hodnoty linky na  will change the value of the line to False. 
  • zatvorenie linky closing the TCP/IP-TCP v protokole line in the Modbus Client v dôsledku parametra protokolu Immediate Disconnect spôsobí zmenu hodnoty linky na False. zatvorenie linky  protocol due to the Immediate Disconnect protocol parameter will cause the line value to change to False.
  • closing theTCP/IP-TCP v protokole line in the IEC 60870-5-104 v dôsledku vypnutia všetkých komunikačných staníc spôsobí zmenu hodnoty linky na False.  protocol due to disabling all communication stations will cause the line value to change to False.

Object value of category Communication lines can have set also the flags (user attributes). Currently they are implemented for following combinations of line categories and communication protocols: